Online Access Information

To gain access to the on-line editions, subscribers need to complete a simple license agreement which can be downloaded below. Access is by IP authentication, or username/password (for personal use only). If access is required at more than one geographical site of your organisation you will need to download the license agreement for multi-site access.

License Agreements

  • Download license agreement for access via IP address(es)
  • Download license agreement for access via username/password
  • Download license agreement for multi-site access

The electronic version is supplied in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format. Adobe Acrobat enables the electronic version to be identical in appearance to the print version. The Acrobat Reader software is available free in versions for many operating systems; it can be downloaded from Adobe. Once subscribed to the on-line edition access is perpetual.

IP Address Guidelines

The IP address is a unique number of the form i.e. four blocks of between one and three numbers ranging from 0 to 255, separated by full stops. It can be read by web servers and our server will check the IP address returned by your web browser against a list of IP address we set up that are allowed to access the papers. When it is working you will notice nothing: you will just be connected to a paper to which you are entitled. If it is not working (or you try and access a paper you do not have a subscription to), you will be prompted for a username and password.

So, how do you determine the IP address that you should put on the Web Agreement? If you work in a large institution or company, your network will probably have a firewall or gateway through which all Internet traffic goes. It is the IP address of this that you will probably need. Please note:

  • Your IP address is NOT the same as your internal IP address; these may start with 10. or 192.168. See Wikipedia for more information.
  • Your IP address is NOT the same as the address of your web site
  • If there is a library at your place of work, ask them; they probably have done this for other journals
  • If you have an in-house computer or network department, ask them
  • If you don't, ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you are still stuck, we can tell you that your IP address currently is Please note that it is important to check with the sources of information above as well; some ISPs provide a different IP address each time you log in (a dynamic IP address), if this is the case, you will not be able to access online content by IP address and will need to be set up with a username/password.

Having Problems Accessing On-line Papers?

Check that your IP address ( matches one of those you have notified us of. If not, this is the reason you cannot gain access. Check with your IT people that this is a permanent change and then ask us to change the IP address for your subscription.

Still Having Problems With Your Online Access!

Please fill in our On-line Access Query Form. Please make sure you include details of your subscription and the particular paper(s) you are trying to access.